Best Grow Lights For African Violets

For the health and performance of African Violets, the amount of light they receive is critical. As long as the light isn’t shining directly on the plants, they can thrive in moderate to bright interior …

Best Grow Lights For African Violets

For the health and performance of African Violets, the amount of light they receive is critical. As long as the light isn’t shining directly on the plants, they can thrive in moderate to bright interior light. In order to carry out the process of photosynthesis, African Violets, like all other plants, require light.

If you don’t provide light, your plant will perish, no matter how well-fed it is with all the vital nutrients. Foliage turns yellow and flowers cease to appear when this occurs.

While your plants will suffer if they receive insufficient sunlight, too much sunlight is also bad for them. Using a grow light can help in both situations. To get the best results, you need use grow lights in the right way. To find out which grow lights work best for African violets, continue reading this article!

Why your African Violets Need the Best Grow Lights

Best Grow Lights For African Violets 2

Better performance

Make sure your African Violets get a lot of indirect sunlight if you want to see better results. It is recommended that these plants only receive direct sunshine in the early or late hours of the day. If you can’t keep an eye on your African Violets all day, a good grow light is a need.

For African Violets and other indoor plants, you can use a light that’s specifically designed for this purpose. That means no more rearranging your plant’s location to ensure it gets the right amount of light.

Improvements in growth

Grow lights also have this advantage. You can cultivate African Violets and other plants indoors no matter what the weather is like outside with the help of these products. It doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter because the plants will get the amount of light they need to develop and produce flowers or fruits.

No natural light

If you don’t want to place your plants near windows, grow lights are a great alternative. African Violets, for example, require a lot of natural light to thrive, so these are a perfect alternative for individuals who are unable to provide it. In order to encourage the growth of the entire plant, the finest grow lights for African Violets must have the correct color temperature. To grow these gorgeous flowers, you don’t need to rely on natural light.

What To Look For In a Grow Light for African Violets


All the colors of the rainbow may be seen in natural sunshine since it contains the entire light spectrum. This is a key consideration for indoor plants because they require sunshine to thrive. As a result, full-spectrum light bulbs would be the ideal lighting option. Colors in a grow lamp are critical for African Violets’ success.

African violets do best with grow lights that emit blue and red wavelengths of light. The plant’s photosynthesis relies on blue light, which also encourages the growth of leaves, stems, and even the protection of plant carbohydrates. Your African Violets will blossom more quickly if you provide them with red light.

LED grow light or fluorescent light?

Both of these light sources are capable of generating a broad variety of colors. LED lights, on the other hand, utilize less energy while lasting significantly longer than fluorescent lights. The LED lights, on the other hand, don’t shatter, they’re mercury-free, and they don’t generate as much heat. African Violets, for example, thrive in both natural and artificial light.


Another thing to keep in mind while picking grow lights is this. You may need to move your plants further away from your light source if it is particularly bright. A lower intensity grow light can be placed closer to your plant to ensure that it receives the full benefits of the light, on the other hand.


The distance between the light and your plants should also be taken into consideration if you’ve identified a light that contains the whole spectrum of colors or at least only the blue and red spectrums. If you have small African Violets, you should place the grow light one foot above them. To cultivate normal African Violets, you can place a light about one and a half feet above the plants.

In order to customize the distance between the light source and your plant, look for a grow lamp that has an adjustable distance setting. As your plant grows, you may adjust the light to maintain it at a safe distance from it.

10 Best  Grow Lights for African Violets Reviews

EZORKAS 9 Dimmable Levels Grow Light

EZORKAS 9 Dimmable Levels Grow Light

Buy from

Though it appeared to be made of poor materials and had a flimsy clamp and gooseneck arms, I decided to give it a try after seeing an ad for it in a photography magazine. So I decided to take a risk because it was so cheap (meaning I wouldn’t be out much money if it turned out to be a waste). I was pleasantly delighted when I received the light! This item appears to be well-built and robust. The clamp is robust enough to retain the light in place, even if it is positioned in an unexpected way.

Despite their robustness, the gooseneck arms are incredibly adaptable (they stay where I put them). I’ve seen other images of the product that appear to be lacking in brightness, but this one is shockingly bright when it’s turned up to its highest setting. The USB power supply is a touch warm, but the rest of the system appears to be completely cool. In my opinion, it’s a “dime a dozen” these days because USB charging blocks are so readily available and can be quickly replaced if necessary (I probably have 20 of them lying around the house already). Using the auto-cycle feature while I’m away from home is a godsend when I have to be away for long periods of time.

If I can keep it alive for as long as possible, it will be a reminder of a family member who passed away in April of this year. Despite my best attempts, the plant appears to be deteriorating, as if it is dying. New, healthy-looking sprouts are sprouting out of the soil after only two days of utilizing this light!

I think this lamp is an excellent purchase in terms of quality versus price!

LBW Spectrum Flexible Gooseneck Adjustable

LBW Spectrum Flexible Gooseneck Adjustable

Buy from

Honestly, I’m quite pleased and content with my purchase, which comes with everything you need and is manufactured with dual LED chips, which is a big advantage. I’d strongly suggest this product to others. Definitely a worthwhile investment. The lights are extremely bright, so make sure you don’t put the light any closer than six inches away from your plants if you’re using a fan, or they’ll burn them, but the light is small and light weight, so you can use it in tight spaces without sacrificing the quality and integrity of the light.

I zip-tied my light to the top of a box and it works perfectly. I’m ecstatic with this light, but it also has a range of LED colors that I couldn’t find in any other little, inexpensive light. I spent hours searching for a cheap light with good umols and couldn’t find anything that even came close to this or had the range of LED colors that this light has.

Your plants will thrive under this light, and it’s definitely worth the money.

Yadoker LED Growing Light

Yadoker LED Growing Light

Buy from

Opening it up, I’m impressed with the craftsmanship! The lighting is excellent. It features a pointed tip on an adjustable metal rod (think of it as a collapsible antenna). Make sure you know that you can’t use the USB end of the power cable with a conventional outlet because there is no connection supplied in the box. Something to keep in mind: I ended up utilizing an old Apple charger.

The Hydrofarm Jump Start 4′ T5 Grow Light System

The Hydrofarm Jump Start 4′ T5 Grow Light System

Buy from

Cuttings, seedlings, houseplants, and flowers can all be grown in this one-of-a-kind container. An entirely aluminum-based grow light system is available. There’s also a toggle clamp you may use to quickly alter the lamp’s height. Seedlings grow more quickly with this grow lamp, which produces up to 20% more lumens.

Your plant will grow at a faster rate if you use this grow light from the beginning of its existence. Extension bars can be purchased and snapped into place if you grow plants other than African Violets that are too tall for your pots.

Light stand, reflector, and a high-output T5 lamp are all included in one complete system. Plug-and-play means it’s simple to put together. For plants, seedlings, and cuttings, you can use this light as the major source of light or as a supplement.

The light stand is made of powder-coated steel, which is extremely sturdy. The stand’s height may be adjusted with a single touch thanks to a patented technology. An additional tube and T5 lighting fixtures are included to help you develop your plants in a handy and straightforward manner.

Putting this one together is a little tricky, so be careful. This is due to its frail nature, which could break if not handled properly. If you’re attentive, you’ll be able to use an outstanding grow light for your African Violets and other indoor plants.

The Hydrofarm Jump Start 2′ T5 Grow Light System

The Hydrofarm Jump Start 2′ T5 Grow Light System

Buy from

This light aids in the germination of your plants. For African violets and other flowers, seedlings and cuttings as well as for herbs and vegetables this is the ideal container for you. For faster growth, it incorporates a T5 bulb with a high output and a daylight spectrum. Grow lights from the same manufacturer can be used with this light. Makes moving around a breeze because to its unique design.

With a simple-to-use toggle clamp, the stand of this grow light may be easily adjusted to the desired height. As a result, you may keep the light as close or as far away from the plants as you need it to. With a reflecting surface on the interior of the bulb, it’s incredibly efficient. Using this light helps speed up the growth of your seedlings.

Easy assembly is one of the product’s strongest suits. It is possible to install the lights without the use of any special tools. In a matter of minutes, you can assemble the growing lamp by simply sliding the separate parts together. Slide the locking mechanism if you need to make adjustments.

Other indoor plants can benefit from the usage of this growing light, but African Violets are a particular case in point. Compared to the competition, the T5 light produces up to 20% more lumens. A faster and more productive plant growth is possible as a result of this method.

It’s one of the most common complaints from buyers concerning this product. In addition to the plastic connectors, some folks aren’t pleased. However, if you set the grow light in a single area, you are less likely to encounter stability issues.

The PPUNSON 2018 Dual Head UV & IR Plant Grow Light

This is one of the best grow lights for African Violets since it has the colors that these plants require to grow and thrive. As a result of client feedback, the dual-headlamp was initially developed and tailored to meet those needs. For this reason, it encourages plant growth by emitting a light that is totally absorbed by the plant.

High-quality: This grow lamp has two heads, which provides a wide field of view for the plant growth. Even though it’s little, it provides more light for your African Violets because it covers a larger area. The grow lamp has two double switches that make it safer and easier to use. There’s also a parallel circuit so that you can switch on either one or both lamps.

Six red-colored LED bulbs are included in this package, which are designed to encourage plant photosynthesis. These lights also encourage the growth of flowers and seeds in plants. It also includes 4 blue LED bulbs, which are crucial for carotenoid and chlorophyll production, in the grow light. Plant leaves and stems benefit from these lights as well.

Flexibility: It has movable arms that allow you to set the lights in a variety of ways. The light’s clip is made of metal, making it more stable and long-lasting than typical grow lamps. If you’ve got a greenhouse or a darkroom or a balcony, this is the perfect lighting solution.

Some drawbacks to these grow lights are their lack of corrosion resistance. Customers have also complained that the lights don’t last long. However, the product still has more positive characteristics and ratings than negative ones, making it one of the best on the market.

Sun System Grow Lights

Sun System Grow Lights

Buy from

The recommended growing space for the Sun system grow lights is 2′ x 2′ 0/2′ x 0/2′. Even though it’s one of the most durable growth lights on the market, this one is still incredibly portable. Built into the reflector is a ballast component. All you have to do is open the box, and you’re ready to go. Even if you don’t plan on hanging it, the lamp comes with hooks. This is ideal for people with little space for gardening.

This grow light has a compact design, making it ideal for any grower. It comes with a bulb that produces 16,000 lumens of brightness. Indoor gardening necessitates a wide color range and a large amount of production from your plant. African Violets, herbs, veggies, and more may all be grown with this one planter.

This grow lamp has a lot to offer when it comes to performance. This product shines out when compared to others on the market. Compact and contained, it emits a lukewarm light. It is also very successful at growing plants because of its low heat production and low noise level.

In addition to being a breeze to assemble, this grow light is also a breeze to use. It’s a simple, lightweight design that’s easy to repair if something goes wrong. If any of the components need to be repaired or replaced, you can take them apart one at a time.

The product itself is excellent, but the customer service is abysmal. Hopefully, you won’t have to deal with their customer service if you don’t have any issues with the grow light. However, because the product is excellent, we’ve included it in our list of the best grow lights for African Violets. ‘

The Deckey 225LED Grow Light

Buy from

Other species of plants, such African Violets, benefit from Deckey light. With 225 LED light bulbs, 165 of which are red and 60 of which are blue, it’s a great deal of fun. Fruits, veggies, flowers, and other houseplants benefit greatly from the combination of these LED lights because they develop faster and look better while doing so. As a result of the growth lamp’s use of both red and blue light, your plants will grow and develop to their fullest potential.

The light’s design is ideal for African Violets, as well as other flowering plants, such as orchids. Compared to other types of bulbs, it can save up to 80 percent in energy consumption.

To put it plainly; In addition to being attractive, this grow light is also simple to use. In flower farming, greenhouse farming, plant factories, greenhouses and so much more because of these properties. This model is suitable for all levels of users, from novices to experts.

This grow lamp has both blue and red lights, which are essential for the growth and development of African Violets. There are numerous benefits for using these lights in conjunction. The red lights encourage fruiting, budding, and flowering, and the blue lights encourage the growth of stems and leaves. Red and blue lights.

Some consumers complain that this grow light isn’t bright enough for their African Violets, despite the fact that it comes in the correct colors. But since it’s reasonably priced and the brightness isn’t as critical when it comes to growing African Violets, this isn’t much of an issue..

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How much light does my African violet need?

It is preferable for African violets to grow in a location that receives plenty of indirect sunlight. Indirect sunlight is essential for the African violet’s photosynthesis and overall health.

Does my African violet still need light at night?

Your African violet needs a minimum of eight to nine hours of darkness each day to thrive. As a general rule, your African violets should no longer be exposed to light by the time the sun sets at around 10 p.m. Because African violets require darkness to bloom, we must take care not to leave them in direct sunlight all day.

My African violet isn’t getting enough light, do I see any indications or symptoms?

If your African violet’s leaves become yellow, it means it isn’t getting enough light. Another symptom of a dying African violet is that the plant’s blossoms may stop blooming. Consider transferring your African violet to a brighter place if one or both of these symptoms are present.

What are the signs and symptoms that my African violet is over-exposed to light?

There are stains on your foliage and/or blossoms caused by too much sunlight. Brown stains like these should be easy to notice during an inspection for possible disease spread. Watch out for curled leaves as well. Keep an eye out for signs of mites, which can cause leaf curling, by checking the undersides of your leaves

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